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Data View is a powerful search tool that will let you search by the criteria you want. You can search the full year (all rounds) or just recent ones to show form. Search by ownership to look for a unique or whatever you desire. Here are some suggested links to help you get started.

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Winners (Rd 18)

J Carlisle$427,16969,7283.98%
N Riewoldt$429,14345,16814.15%
S Wright$317,35140,1721.56%
H Taylor$361,34936,1542.75%
L Henderson$339,83135,6622.12%
T Rockliff$666,60035,51924.17%
D Armitage$468,78735,2780.31%
D Zorko$417,75135,24017.78%
J Johannisen$294,26434,1180.31%
S Martin$474,15432,86227.36%
R Stanley$339,22432,3770.77%
J Winderlich$367,22231,2110.71%
P Hanley$508,58231,10115.88%
S Johnson$561,84531,09131.49%
B Martin$339,98328,1824.13%
D Stanley$334,16127,2120.33%
J Selwood$523,31627,13421.53%
S Savage$380,48726,4830.97%
J Gwilt$356,33725,2291.42%
J Waite$364,69124,0840.82%
R Harwood$378,66523,5990.28%
S Lemmens$198,47122,4801.98%
J Macrae$535,31521,49310.33%
P Ryder$451,31921,1974.10%
L Shuey$450,40820,8421.10%
M Taberner$202,77520,6660.60%
A Riley$180,54819,5182.27%
P McGinnity$294,87119,4110.49%
L Dunstan$344,43818,9408.50%
J Green$297,20018,7580.90%
M Kreuzer$469,200205
M Leuenberger$365,189154
B Goddard$536,986153
M Walters$411,628148
M Clarke$335,300147
B Waters$428,400146
A Cooney$389,044145
T Mitchell$432,762144
S Thompson$529,136139
T Cotchin$529,087139
B Vince$509,848138
D Prestia$507,620137
D Zaharakis$508,228137
S Gilbert$324,131136
G Ablett$613,638136
D Hannebery$520,829135
H Bennell$427,928134
D Swan$482,940133
J Trengove$417,546130
T Pears$381,400130
B Ellis$524,835128
D Mundy$469,040128
B Moloney$408,655128
B Sewell$406,092127
J Schulz$429,548126
N van Berlo$371,100126
J Ziebell$412,638126
B Hudson$365,700125
S Pendlebury$544,985125
R O'Keefe$360,862124
J Carlisle$441,50079,3002.22%
N Riewoldt$436,00055,90017.42%
H Taylor$380,60055,1002.01%
S Wright$343,50050,8000.85%
D Armitage$481,70044,3000.25%
L Henderson$354,10043,9001.42%
J Johannisen$313,70041,5000.24%
S Johnson$571,10041,20031.24%
D Stanley$342,60040,9000.32%
D Zorko$422,10039,50021.85%
J Winderlich$392,60038,7000.42%
S Lemmens$202,00036,7003.37%
J Caddy$286,20033,9006.54%
J Waite$361,70033,4000.56%
L Dunstan$339,10032,40011.85%
Z Merrett$342,20031,9004.70%
J Macrae$529,70031,80010.74%
B Martin$355,90031,8002.81%
S Day$293,70031,7003.15%
B Newton$150,70031,5000.86%
T Rockliff$671,00031,50025.37%
R Stanley$340,20030,8000.62%
L Shuey$454,90029,7001.06%
D McStay$170,90029,7002.32%
S White$286,30029,6000.31%
A Schneider$347,20029,5000.69%
S Martin$481,10028,80023.95%
B McGlynn$523,70027,4001.93%
T Mzungu$396,30027,0001.11%
P Hanley$508,40026,10017.41%
A Cooney$383,500199
S Thompson$535,400191
M Stokes$462,000176
B Reid$390,700171
J Griffin$360,300167
B Sewell$417,200166
B Goodes$431,600166
B Goddard$525,300162
M Kreuzer$472,900162
T Cotchin$527,900158
M Leuenberger$371,300158
H Shaw$416,500158
A Moore$372,900155
D Zaharakis$507,300155
J Ziebell$413,500151
H Bennell$420,400149
B Vince$500,700148
T Mitchell$429,400146
D Hannebery$514,000144
B Ellis$524,400144
R Sloane$530,700143
G Ablett$618,800142
R Tarrant$277,800142
D Swan$473,700141
A Everitt$394,200139
M Evans$326,000139
S Pendlebury$539,400138
B Moloney$414,200138
M Barlow$543,500136
J Bartel$494,900135

Losers (Rd 18)

A Cooney$389,044-44,6520.37%
B Reid$344,590-43,1101.59%
J Griffin$319,225-42,2750.41%
L Dunn$338,464-32,0680.75%
S Dempster$268,949-28,9521.83%
H Bennell$427,928-28,3251.35%
C Dixon$305,402-28,0822.65%
J Ziebell$412,638-27,7830.87%
D Zaharakis$508,228-26,8224.97%
K Martin$321,452-26,3480.16%
D Cox$420,587-26,0537.27%
B Howlett$347,071-25,9371.45%
C Beams$247,026-25,0486.82%
D Prestia$507,620-24,8522.67%
B Goddard$536,986-24,3745.33%
M Grigg$272,948-23,1170.64%
C Sylvia$237,710-22,7890.77%
J Schulz$429,548-22,2573.53%
M Broadbent$375,931-22,0461.96%
J Harbrow$370,716-22,0041.99%
T Langdon$304,997-21,46126.99%
D Mundy$469,040-21,3802.36%
L Adams$269,354-21,3201.73%
E MacKenzie$334,616-21,2582.37%
A Rance$340,236-20,9961.16%
K Tippett$346,616-20,5781.56%
C Young$383,728-20,5674.77%
E Curnow$449,598-19,7960.37%
T Mohr$289,505-19,7690.56%
M de Boer$362,412-19,2221.12%
J Carlisle$427,169-17
L Lowden$125,963-9
J Crisp$211,989-2
B Brown$174,3231
S Wright$317,3512
S Lemmens$198,4712
Z O'Brien$168,1385
L Thompson$156,1445
J Johannisen$294,2645
B Newton$159,5877
C Cameron$177,0957
J Redpath$132,4498
A Riley$180,5489
K Aylett$140,34010
B Johnson$143,39111
M Taberner$202,77512
L Herbert$112,55114
D Van Unen$121,12114
D Currie$155,74414
F Roberts$154,17015
L Henderson$339,83115
S Lycett$337,22415
N Wilson$147,36216
B Colledge$141,45616
J Tippett$132,86317
H Taylor$361,34917
B Ross$133,58618
G Rohan$174,97918
N Riewoldt$429,14318
A Sexton$173,25718
A Cooney$383,500-46,6000.30%
B Goddard$525,300-46,1005.40%
C Dixon$296,800-43,6001.93%
S Dempster$253,700-41,9001.54%
K Tippett$331,000-38,1000.97%
L Dunn$317,400-36,9000.78%
E MacKenzie$324,100-35,7001.87%
C Sylvia$257,600-34,3000.69%
J Schulz$414,800-33,0002.44%
C Beams$243,000-32,7006.00%
B Vince$500,700-31,7002.97%
H Bennell$420,400-31,4000.55%
M Broadbent$361,100-30,2001.40%
A Rance$332,200-30,1000.85%
T Cotchin$527,900-29,30017.96%
D Prestia$488,400-28,6001.90%
M Boyd$469,600-27,9001.80%
J Hombsch$284,600-27,5000.60%
D Mundy$458,300-26,8002.16%
H Cunningham$266,900-26,7006.48%
E Curnow$442,700-26,1000.24%
J Harbrow$359,100-25,8001.59%
I Smith$480,500-25,7001.00%
D Heppell$507,000-24,3007.94%
M Grigg$251,500-24,2000.78%
B Howlett$336,200-23,6001.24%
C Young$380,000-23,6003.29%
J Watts$349,200-23,5006.24%
T Scully$375,500-22,6000.57%
J Bruce$226,800-22,6000.20%
C Wood$163,500-91
J Carlisle$441,500-67
L Lowden$119,200-61
J Crisp$238,400-53
B Brown$161,600-33
D Lang$137,800-32
L Thompson$119,200-29
B Johnson$123,600-20
D Van Unen$119,200-19
L McCarthy$119,200-18
Z O'Brien$150,200-13
B Colledge$119,200-12
R Lobb$112,800-11
S Lemmens$202,000-10
A Riley$190,200-10
K Aylett$119,200-8
S Wright$343,500-5
T Broomhead$131,900-4
J Johannisen$313,700-4
S Blease$173,700-1
J Redpath$134,6000
M Taberner$225,9001
M Honeychurch$136,3002
C Cameron$165,5002
P Cripps$152,8003
A Young$201,2003
D Currie$145,5003
N Riewoldt$436,0005
F Roberts$142,5005
B Ross$127,6006