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Data View is a powerful search tool that will let you search by the criteria you want. You can search the full year (all rounds) or just recent ones to show form. Search by ownership to look for a unique or whatever you desire. Here are some suggested links to help you get started.

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Winners (Rd 21)

J Kelly$328,07438,2832.40%
J Crisp$336,65337,5144.15%
S Butler$377,16135,3971.01%
T Broomhead$236,39834,7031.66%
B Brown$233,70834,04512.12%
J Lewis$577,01031,6711.83%
J O'Rourke$208,42830,8653.14%
M Buntine$266,70328,8860.20%
V Michie$246,44928,0906.04%
B Cunnington$458,58328,0630.89%
T Greene$520,81727,9090.91%
J Caddy$357,31326,4726.66%
J Waite$468,98926,3771.21%
T Rockliff$732,34125,13828.43%
G Rohan$236,75325,10020.32%
D Smith$493,71024,9852.19%
J Cripps$323,30224,2650.98%
T Bell$340,86623,8441.06%
F Ray$424,67423,5700.45%
M Taberner$226,09323,3180.56%
N Wilson$170,05222,6900.30%
M Blicavs$375,33322,3921.74%
S Lemmens$281,57622,3192.21%
T Armstrong$281,77922,2170.36%
D Kent$256,95721,9850.42%
L Shuey$507,87321,8231.17%
C Sheehan$144,57021,4703.64%
S Martin$546,09621,23228.37%
P Hanley$557,56820,35820.33%
J McGovern$314,01320,31010.17%
L Lowden$125,963-10
J O'Rourke$208,428-6
A Woodward$120,489-6
C Sheehan$144,570-5
B Brown$233,708-4
T Broomhead$236,398-3
K Turner$123,964-3
D Barry$123,3011
N Wilson$170,0522
Z O'Brien$168,1384
J Redpath$132,4497
A Steinberg$117,0577
J Kelly$328,0748
M Buntine$266,7039
V Michie$246,4499
K Aylett$140,3409
J Freeman$138,8849
T Membrey$123,68612
M Taberner$226,09313
D Currie$155,74413
G Rohan$236,75313
D Van Unen$121,12113
F Roberts$154,17015
D Kent$256,95715
B Colledge$141,45615
J Tippett$132,86316
N Gordon$223,86016
L Plowman$180,10316
S Biggs$264,77417
J Stewart$131,57518
J Kelly$329,80044,7002.31%
T Broomhead$239,50042,6002.04%
J Crisp$344,00041,3002.07%
J O'Rourke$219,80039,9001.97%
B Brown$241,80038,6009.26%
S Dempster$293,20038,4001.73%
M Buntine$269,10036,8000.37%
B Cunnington$465,20036,6000.89%
J Lewis$582,60034,5001.19%
S Butler$404,40034,2000.43%
D Kent$265,20033,9000.59%
D Smith$493,50032,5001.84%
T Greene$532,90032,3000.60%
J Cripps$332,40032,1000.82%
J McGovern$321,10030,80012.40%
J Caddy$372,80030,3007.17%
E MacKenzie$358,70029,4001.90%
M Taberner$255,00029,1000.16%
B Griffiths$266,10028,7004.44%
G Rohan$247,30028,20014.05%
D McStay$252,40028,1002.62%
C Wood$258,10028,0005.56%
J Adcock$392,50026,9001.26%
H Bennell$406,00026,4000.56%
M Barlow$583,40026,30020.07%
A Cooney$319,10026,1000.52%
D Hale$305,90025,9004.63%
T Armstrong$298,90024,2000.26%
M Broadbent$405,30023,6001.50%
H Cunningham$309,30023,5006.41%
L Lowden$119,200-61
K Turner$98,500-60
C Sheehan$98,500-48
S Biggs$252,400-42
D Lang$137,800-32
D Van Unen$119,200-19
L McCarthy$119,200-18
A Steinberg$119,200-15
J Kelly$329,800-14
J O'Rourke$219,800-14
D Barry$135,100-13
Z O'Brien$150,200-13
B Colledge$119,200-12
R Lobb$112,800-11
J Freeman$112,800-10
A Cooney$319,100-10
A Woodward$119,200-10
T Membrey$119,200-9
T Broomhead$239,500-9
N Wilson$192,300-8
K Aylett$119,200-8
T O'Brien$142,900-5
N Gordon$216,400-3
M Whiley$231,800-3
B Brown$241,800-2
J Stewart$119,200-1
T Bell$343,2000
J Redpath$134,6000
B Kennedy$238,2000
J Lyons$281,0000

Losers (Rd 21)

J P. Kennedy$510,766-44,83521.98%
C Dixon$264,672-40,7302.16%
M Walters$375,739-35,8891.24%
C Ward$478,025-34,6973.31%
B Reid$263,048-33,5501.74%
D Hannebery$457,009-31,6321.54%
S B. Reid$257,566-30,3961.44%
B Goddard$447,517-28,2194.71%
N Dal Santo$397,212-27,97312.88%
M Paparone$235,738-27,3800.89%
B Lennon$209,342-25,2960.85%
M Stokes$397,821-24,6720.73%
S Grigg$374,673-24,0430.22%
J Schulz$357,871-23,9273.14%
J Pittard$304,216-23,3731.87%
J Patton$331,221-23,2957.23%
B Matera$287,871-22,6990.79%
R Henderson$352,897-21,9410.41%
B Smith$383,354-21,6624.92%
T Cloke$374,572-20,9435.26%
P Davis$264,266-20,7490.77%
D Armfield$178,631-20,5750.70%
J Gunston$381,526-20,5448.65%
W Minson$410,613-20,2634.64%
J Batchelor$191,677-20,1790.22%
L Casboult$286,297-19,8020.54%
M Duncan$474,623-19,6573.41%
O Wines$446,806-19,1258.29%
J Clarke$198,022-19,0670.46%
I Smith$465,131-18,6321.20%
M Kreuzer$469,200203
J P. Kennedy$510,766168
M Leuenberger$365,189152
S Johnson$539,903149
C Ward$478,025149
M Clarke$335,300145
B Waters$428,400143
T Mitchell$432,762141
S Thompson$511,950136
D Hannebery$457,009134
G Ablett$613,638132
T Pears$381,400128
J Trengove$417,546127
D Beams$532,492126
S Sidebottom$578,888125
B Sewell$406,092125
B Moloney$408,655125
N van Berlo$371,100124
B Goddard$447,517123
B Hudson$365,700122
R O'Keefe$360,862122
Q Lynch$361,300121
M Clisby$355,400119
C Delaney$356,100119
B Whitecross$355,000119
J Cachia$355,800119
B Stanton$488,075119
J Watson$546,248119
J Macrae$545,542118
N Dal Santo$397,212118
J P. Kennedy$498,700-49,50019.85%
B Reid$296,000-48,2001.09%
C Ward$467,400-44,8003.56%
C Dixon$252,700-44,1001.68%
D Hannebery$431,400-43,5001.04%
M Paparone$217,800-38,3000.48%
N Dal Santo$382,500-37,5003.27%
J Pittard$285,700-34,9001.72%
B Lennon$168,000-34,9004.40%
S B. Reid$246,200-32,7001.00%
J Gunston$366,400-30,4009.71%
B Smith$374,500-30,3004.64%
M Walters$386,800-30,0000.85%
M Jones$362,400-29,6000.42%
S Grigg$358,600-29,5000.15%
R Henderson$356,000-29,0000.27%
O Wines$438,800-27,4006.35%
J Podsiadly$319,300-27,4000.75%
D Armitage$472,100-27,1000.30%
J Simpkin$294,000-26,8000.39%
B Matera$266,800-26,8000.59%
P Davis$266,300-26,0000.40%
J Patton$334,900-25,8004.44%
J Grant$358,400-25,2000.13%
J Gwilt$378,100-25,0000.79%
J Grimes$357,500-24,2003.64%
M White$374,300-24,1000.64%
B Stanton$472,800-23,8003.62%
G Horlin-Smith$250,800-23,5000.45%
J Clarke$189,800-23,4000.47%
S Johnson$543,300197
J Carlisle$484,500185
J P. Kennedy$498,700170
C Ward$467,400170
J Griffin$360,300168
B Goodes$431,600167
B Sewell$417,200166
M Kreuzer$472,900162
M Leuenberger$371,300158
J Macrae$555,100153
S Sidebottom$585,500152
D Beams$542,700151
K Martin$342,000147
T Mitchell$429,400146
L Hayes$481,700145
R Tarrant$277,800143
G Ablett$618,800143
P Ryder$476,500141
A Everitt$394,200140
S Thompson$493,100140
M Evans$326,000139
B Moloney$414,200138
C Dixon$252,700138
M Walters$386,800135
M Duncan$477,600133
X Ellis$339,800133
T Dickson$326,500132
N Dal Santo$382,500132
S Selwood$437,700130
T Cloke$376,800127