Charlie Constable 21 years 12 days

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2020 Premiership Season

 AFL FantasyDream TeamStats
RdOppLocationResultTOGIconPriceBEOwn %PriceBEOwn %KHMHOTFFFAGBScore
1Spotless StadiumL 105-73       
2Simonds Stadium        
3Simonds Stadium        
5Simonds Stadium        

Historical Data

Real Dream Team

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg
2020 Mid$0$000.00
2019 Mid$100,000$000.00
2018 Mid$147,500$147,50000.00

AFL Fantasy

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg
2020 Mid$563,000$563,00000.00
2019 Mid$170,000$500,000783.40
2018 Mid$200,000$200,00000.00

Super Coach

YearPosStart PriceEnd PriceGPAvg