Clean, Professional Interface

  • Full page width

  • No clutter

  • Easy to read

Fully Customizable Scores (in your user profile)

  • Page layout

    You can arrange however you want. e.g. home team, chat, away team. or home team, away team, chat etc.
  • Data to display

    You can add/remove the data that you want from the scores. Here is a list of what is currently available
    • Icon
    • Jumper Number
    • Name
    • Dream Team Price
    • Dream Team Total Price Change
    • Dream Team Break Even
    • AFL Fantasy Price
    • AFL Fantasy Total Price Change
    • Average
    • AFL Fantasy Break Even
    • Time On Ground in Minutes
    • Time On Ground Percentage
    • Score
    • Fantasy Estimated Price Change
    • SC Score
    • Rel DT


  • Seamless

  • Optimized

  • Easy to read

In Game Bench and TOG

  • Display who is currently on the bench (BEN)

  • Live Time On Ground Stats

Tracker and Player Tracker

  • History of changes

  • See what the score was

  • Graph player score over time

  • See when the players last changes were

Highlight your players

  • Quickly see the players you want

Private Chat Rooms

  • Create a chat just for your league