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i Player Position Start $ $ Change Price $ Own (%) Games Avg Points PPM Eco BE2021222324
S JacobsRuc59100005910006.4480.03200.7951184764989167
S MartinRuc73500007350006.0494.53780.8803194467 84122 105
M KreuzerRuc576000057600032.210.000
B GrundyRuc871000087100085.85124.46221.17941400150 89147 126 110
J WittsRuc68100006810004.1485.03400.8139200390808882
T BellchambersRuc57700005770000.1382.02460.76562346876594
P RyderRuc54300005430001.6479.03160.833617186849 78121
D SimpsonRuc55300005530000.0149.0490.76281128649
N VardyRuc,Fwd43500004350000.8560.43020.619014406773 6243 57
J CeglarRuc,Fwd45600004560000.1368.72060.72102214807155
M GawnRuc80800008080009.35102.45121.01811578111 78111 120 92
T GoldsteinRuc67800006780008.1494.03760.8724180359114 85118
M LobbeRuc54800005480000.1487.33490.8327157076103 8288
J WesthoffFwd,Ruc74000007400005.54108.34331.007917099390129 121
T HickeyRuc54700005470000.4154.0541013054
B McEvoyRuc62800006280000.1387.02610.9195240693 111 57
L PierceRuc31900003190000.0355.71670.60731910854636
R StanleyRuc59000005900000.0215.5310.4430190320 31
J RougheadRuc,Fwd48900004890000.0469.32771765101595760
S LycettRuc,Fwd55900005590000.5577.23863.99421448103114 7547
C SinclairRuc67300006730000.6581.44070.750316549168909662
T NankervisRuc64800006480001.3492.03680.97241761107 75107 79
R LobbRuc,Fwd48500004850002.4584.2421115279131 7166
M PittonetRuc29000002900000.0252.51050.668327625946
B FramptonRuc28300002830000.1152.0520.5294544252
I SoldoRuc35900003590000.0166.0660.6563543966
S DarcyRuc55200005520000.1471.02840.6753194454936572
R AbbottRuc53100005310000.3484.83390.8495156693109 7661
T De KoningRuc,Fwd20100002010003.0236.5730.424727535815
Total: 29
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