2024 AFL Premiership Season

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Data View is a powerful search tool that will let you search by the criteria you want. You can search the full year (all rounds) or just recent ones to show form. Search by ownership to look for a unique or whatever you desire. Here are some suggested links to help you get started.

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Winners (Rd 19)

Z Taylor$280,000-23
S Mannagh$441,000-9
C Sharman$368,000-4
S Green$273,000-1
B Nyuon$344,0000
L Evans$507,0003
F Evans$368,0004
L Breust$333,0004
Z Jones$399,0005
M Phillipou$460,0006
Z Trew$331,0006
R Fox$446,0007
J Blight$236,0008
J Fonti$283,0009
S Brain$241,0009
M Roberts$457,0009
J Hunt$522,0009
T Membrey$466,0009
D Visentini$348,0009
L Humphries$443,00010
K Smith$203,00012
J Sinn$355,00012
A Schoenmaker$362,00014
D Joyce$345,00014
R Maric$346,00014
E Phillips$211,00014
P Voss$294,00014
J Hutchinson$271,00014
C Warner$232,00014
H Petty$436,00015
J Hutchinson$200,00025

Losers (Rd 19)

M Gawn$961,000168
S Docherty$903,000156
D MacPherson$548,000148
B Crouch$898,000146
J Dunkley$977,000145
M Bontempelli$964,000139
Z Fisher$738,000136
L Duggan$764,000136
B Grundy$891,000135
T Nankervis$949,000130
I Heeney$861,000130
A Sexton$702,000130
J Crisp$822,000128
E Gulden$1,023,000128
S Walsh$867,000128
T Taranto$912,000127
N Newman$871,000127
L Hunter$658,000125
C Guthrie$664,000125
J Harmes$664,000124
L Parker$760,000122
C Petracca$772,000121
J Lyons$739,000121
C Mills$726,000121
N Daicos$863,000121
L Neale$945,000121
L Ryan$817,000121
J Viney$747,000120
M Rowell$704,000120
J Caldwell$963,000119
J Hutchinson$200,00025